Using Adobe Illustrator to print to the laser cutter

File Setup

  • Log into the computer on the Windows side, not PC side
    • NOTE: If you are designing something in Illustrator on your own computer to print later, it doesn't matter whether you're using Mac of PC, but we only have a PC driver to print to the Epilog lasers
  • Open Adobe Illustrator, create a 24” x 12” artboard
  • Drag in images you’d like to etch/engrave or vector files you’d like to cut out
  • Make sure path lines for vectors you want cut out are exactly .001 pts with no object color infill
  • Lines and images above .001 pts will be etched in grayscale

Printer Setup

  • Make sure the green light for the exhaust fan is on
  • Put your material flat on the print bed
  • On the Epilog Zing printer, press the >Focus button to bring out the focus beam and drop down the spring
  • Use the Up and Down buttons on the printer to bring the print bed up and down to focus the laser on your material. The drop-down spring should just barely touch the top of your material
  • Click Reset to return the laser to print-ready position


  • Navigate to File > Print (ctrl + P)
  • Change Printer: to Epilog Zing
  • Click the Setup... button in the bottom left, (continue)
  • Click the Preferences button to bring up the blue Epilog Zing preferences menu
  • Change the Piece Size dimensions to 24” x 12”
  • Use the handy Epilog Zing Material Settings sheet, our notebook, or the Epilog laser speeds and feeds wiki to look up recommended raster/vector settings for the material you’re using
  • Click: Okay > Print > Done to save those print settings and return to your artboard
  • Navigate to File > Print (ctrl + P) again and make sure the print preview looks like the correct image and dimensions
  • Now click the Print button. Your file will be sent to the printer
  • On the Epilog Zing printer, press the green Go button

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